The technology we use to build you product


Whether you opt for the power of .NET Core, the flexibility of PHP, or the performance of Node JS, we have you covered. Our team has great experience in .NET, LAMP, and MEAN stacks which build upon the following technologies.


We have a talented team that believe in providing the best User Experience (UX) to clients. We develop flawless and responsive web applications using ultra-modern web technologies. HTML5, CSS3 are the cornerstones. Angular, React, and Vue.js are frameworks we love.

Mobile Development

Our experienced iOS and Android teams are passionate about realizing client ideas into live mobile applications. We can develop mobile apps natively to each platform, and also, we can release a hybrid version using Ionic or React Native.


MMD is an early adopter for cloud computing. We believe in the manageability, performance, and security of going cloud. Our team is familiar with major cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

Data Storage

Every Database Management System excel in a different area. We have proven experience dealing with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database and MySQL. If your business and technical needs require NoSQL, we are already familiar with MongoDB and other NoSQL databases.

Big Data

Nowadays, a lot of business deal with amounts of data that is either too huge or too complex to benefit from using traditional ways. Using Apache Hadoop, Apache Cassandra, R language, and Neo4j can help in capturing, storing, analyzing, and quiring Big Data

Testing & Quality Insurance

We pay high attention to software quality. Starting from detailed requirements elicitation and gathering to extensive manual and automated testing. Our Quality Assurance & Control team utilize Azure Test Labs (MTM) and Selenium. We perform load-testing, performance-testing and most notably, security testing.


Adopting a solid Application Lifecycle Management strategy is crucial to the success of software projects. We utilize different tools to manage requirements, track issues and bugs, perform source-control, and measure work progress. We let our clients collaborate with us on a daily basis using these tools.


To deliver features and fixes frequently and shorten the Software Development Lifecycle, we adopted DevOps practices such as Continuous Delivery (CD), Continues Integration (CI), Containerization, and Infrastructure as code (IaC)


Our engineers can tailor existing CMS platforms to your specific needs. Whether it’s PHP or .NET-based, we have enough experience to customize both the functionality and UX of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke, Umbraco, etc.


We developed multiple e-commerce projects to multiple clients. We’re familiar with major e-commerce platforms and shopping carts. Our experience includes integration with various payment gateways, 3rd party warehouse systems, in addition to notification engines.

SDLC Proccess

In MMD, we believe in Agile software development lifecycle as it enhances customer satisfaction and speed the release cycle. We adopt SCRUM and Kanban in our projects. Additionally, we’ve good experience in traditional waterfall development and project management techniques.

Software Design

We build our solutions using latest and proven software industry standards. Our engineers and architects use techniques and principles such as TDD, DDD, BDD, AOP, ATDD to deliver a maintainable and elegant software solutions.

Software Architecutre

Picking the most suitable software architecture for a specific project is a trade-off game. Our software architects and technical leads have profound experience in these type architecture flavors: Layered Architecture, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Micro-Services, Event-Driven, Microkernel, Space-based, and CQRS


Blockchain is designed to protect data from manipulation. It uses cryptography to link data records in a chain. Other that cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.), blockchain technology is used in Smart Contracts and Financial Services.


Our experience in ChatBOTs and BOTs in general is demonstrated in multiple applications we delivered. We integrate well-know frameworks like Microsoft BOT Framework with NLP tools like, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Luis. Our chatbots are bi-lingual and dynamic enough to serve various industries.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is used to train computer systems so that they are able to do activities that are currently performed by humans better. It has many applications like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML).

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) takes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the next level by enabling computer systems to learn by its own and improve itself using its gained experience. Machine Learning can be used in many applications like Face Recognition, Classification, and Prediction

Smart Homes

Home Automation allows the control of all home devices and facilities electronically and automatically based on custom rules and input from sensors. Smart homes save energy, increase safety, and provide peace of mind.